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Raiders Foundation

Since 1982 The Canberra Raiders have developed a proud history in the region and become an important part of the community. We have however reached a time in our life‑cycle where we need to grow and cement our place in this City’s future.


The Raiders Foundation was established in 2019 in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation and ensures the ongoing success of the club driving growth both on and off the field. 

The Raiders Foundation is fully funded by our generous donors and benefactors. This foundation gives our loyal members, fans and supporters a chance to directly contribute to the club and play a significant role in the sustained success of the emerging, current and future raiders both on and off the field. 

The following is a short video on the Raiders Foundation. 

Raiders Foundation

We Are deeply passionate about success on the field and the positive effect we can have off the field

Head Coach Ricky Stuart


Pledge your support by making a tax-deductible donation today. Any amount big or small would be very much appreciated by the Raiders Family.

CLICK HERE to donate. 


Thanks to everyone that brought a ticket in the Raiders Foundation Christmas Raffle, the raffle has been drawn and winners notified.

CLICK HERE for the raffle results

All the proceeds from the raffle will go towards the Don Furner Senior NSW Country Scholarship program and provide two young athletes from Country NSW with support and the opportunity to come to Canberra to develop their talents in Rugby League and to undertake further education.

Don Furner Senior NSW Country Scholarship Program


Player worn Indigenous jerseys from the Round 12 match against the North Queensland Cowboys are now available to purchase online at Raiders Shop.

$500 dollars from each jersey will go towards a number of Indigenous Programs and initiatives the Foundation plans to enact.

These include:

  • School 2 Work program engagement with students in the Canberra region
  • Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) requirements including cultural events, artwork and NAIDOC Week activities
  • Development of online cultural map of past players heritage
  • Cultural sessions for senior and junior Raiders teams and Club developmenT
  • Donation to the artist for the Indigenous Round jersey and opportunities to engage with the local community on the Indigenous Jersey concept for 2022


The Canberra Raiders wore the clubs Raiders Foundation jersey on Saturday 5 September 2020 in the game against the Roosters at GIO Stadium.

The Foundation jersey concept was launched in November 2019, with 165 Raiders supporters donating to the Raiders Foundation and having their name or family name printed on the jersey.

Here are some of their photos and stories as to why they chose to support the Raiders Foundation. Click here


The Raiders would like to acknowledge the following donors without whose generous support the Raiders Foundation could not operate.



Greg, Mel, Ash, Nick, Sam and Noah Johnston

Terry, Mary, Ben, Jenna, James, Sophie, and Quinn Weber

Paul, Sharon, Sarah, James and Olivia Powderly

Dennis, Betty, Mark, Janine, Natalie, James, Angus, Lachlan, Jack and Ava Richardson

Terry Snow AM and Stephen Byron

Margaret Hemsley and Greg, Lukas, Fergus, Archie and Joseph Boorer


Flinn Family, Walpett Engineering

Elias Sami, Siennarose, Xara and Elliana Chamoun

Tony and Cathy Farrugia, Mark, Christina, Joseph and Isobel Spear

Dr Allan Hawke AC – Chair, Maria, Stephanie, Matthew, Rosa and Harry Whittaker

Gary, Gail, Natalia and Jordan Coyne

Elly, Ryan and Alannah Furner

Emma, Jackson and Jed Stuart

John and Jim Stamatis

Dino, Trish, Samantha, Jaimie and Monique Jugovac

Murrays Coaches

Jim Murphy AM and Family

For Iorie Evans Love Richard, Morgan and Rob Evans

The Village Building Co. Limited

Elvin Group

Amalgamated Property Group

Trish and Andrew Turnbull

Marty, Nerissa, Belle, Jeremy and Georgina Richardson

Milin Family


Rian Abeyaratne, Clint Anderson, Rick Anderson, Jacinta Anderson, Joshua Angelo, Danny Apostoloski, Michael Bailey, Myuran Bala, Chris Barritt- Eyles, Brendan Barritt-Eyles, Rosie Barritt-Eyles, Leon Bedington, Trevor Bennett, Bergin Family, David Bishop, Joseph Boorer, Archie Boorer, Fergus Boorer, Lukas Boorer, Greg Boorer, Olivia Boyd, Brennan Family, Geoff Broman, Brown Family, Jarvis Bryant, Daniel Burnett, Calipari Family, Scott Campbell, Jeff Card, Carson Family, Chambers Family, Leon Corcoran, Brandon Cowling, Emily Cridland, Croft Family, Wayne Croker, Sean Curran, Sandra D'Agostino, BT Daley, Luke Daniell, Ben Darley, Chris Davis, Cath Dodd, Phill Dodd, Dodd Family, Andrew Duff, JMQKK Duffy, Duffy Family, Elford Family, Aaron Elphick, Frisina Family, Matthew Gatt, Don Gaudiosi, Russell Geary, Giacca Family, Ashley Gilbert, Goldsworthy Family, Megan Graham, S.A.M Grgic, Griffin-Wawicke Family, Gunasingam, Spencer Hancock, Kylee Harris, Chris Hart, Jack Hasler, Hathorn Family, Hayes Family, Margaret Hemsley, Sam Higginson-Collits, Kate Howard, Mick Hromow, Dal Hrstic, Peter Hrstic, Michael Jackson, Jacobson, Toby Jarzynski, Patrick Jarzynski, Mariusz Jarzynski, Tanya Jarzynski, Gregory Johnston, Karampasis Family, Dave Kennard, Ricky Kennewell, Khair Family, Koehler Family, Korsch Family, Gareth Lawson, Mitch Leonard, Adam Lette, Lewis Family, Andrew Lones, Lones Family, Lynch Family, Matthew Maloney, Heather Mannion, Stuart Manton, Gaylene Marquet, Mathie Family, Brad McGregor, Adam McMaster, Eric Meale, Katie Meale, Migotto Mioc, Reg Motbey, Albert Motbey, Amelia Motbey, Nicholas Navarro, Naveau Family, Jillian   Nean, Jason Need, Samuel Ruben Nicholls, Mitch Nicholls, Nottingham Family, Scott O’Toole, Brendan O'Brien, Michael O'Farrell, Ben O'Malley, Osborn Family, Sheni Osman, Wesley Ouborg, Pankhurst Family, Jim Peckett, Ben Peckett, Dominic Pelle, Patrick Pentony, Esteban Perez, Samuel Pitson, Morgan Prosser, Radulovich Family, Brock Rainbow, Ray Redman, Vallejera Republic, Dale Ryan, Nathan Saad, Safi Family, Nick Samaras, Kathy Sant, Schutte Family, A & J Serena, Con Sfetsos, Jodie Sharples, Winston Slater, Hugo Colin Stafford, Patrick Stanton, David Stone, Street Family, M Streeting, Phil Swanscott, Aaron Taylor, Tetley Family, Thom Family, Sam Tonkin, Geoffrey Trott, Christopher Trott, Van Lohuizen Family, Vijayakumar Family, Walshe Family, Waygood Family, Wedgwood Family, Brooke Wemyss, Whan Family, Ray H White, Alison Williams, R.J.A.D Wilson, Sharon Woolmer.


Biggest Tiger, Sammy O’Brien, Richard York, Vesa Aarnio, Rees Davies, Courtney Johnson, John Wilson, Jennifer MacDonald.

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Australian Government in 1986, after the Australian Sports Commission Act 1985 called for the creation of a company to support the development of sport in Australia. Their mission is to raise money for Australian sport. Donors complete an ASF donation form, allowing donors to use ASF’s tax deductible status to claim tax relief for any donation of $2 or more, then ASF grant these monies raised to the nominated project.