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Member Jersey Giveaway Winners

To further celebrate Member’s appreciation round, the Raiders would like to announce the winners of the Player Worn Jersey initiative.

This initiative has been an integral part of the Raiders membership program for the past few seasons and is a way the Raiders reward their passionate and loyal members.

Congratulations to the following 17 members who have been randomly selected to receive a 2021 Player Worn Jersey:

Matthew Towicz

Mark Williams

Robyn Schleiger

Richard Ware

Elizabeth Clements

Barb McLoughlin

Alexander Sok

Lachlan Harmer

Nash accounting

Simon  Breakwell

Chris Petrie

Bruce Davie

Chantelle Sanders

Dane Worth

Daniel Shannon

Marco Rosin

Bonnie Gatt

These members will be contacted regarding the delivery of the jerseys at the end of the season.

The Raiders again would like to thank all their loyal members for the great support throughout the 2021 Season, and we look forward to seeing that support continue as the Raiders push for a top 8 position.