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What a win last week?! It’s not always easy to get a win in what can now be described as the forward pass capital of Australia – or according to the commentators, the ‘flat’ pass capital.

Even though one of our passes could also be described as ‘flat’, I think we can safely say we lost the flat pass count, 3-1. Anyway, onwards and upwards!

A win just makes everything so much sweeter for the week ahead. Monday at work becomes a pleasure.

Trawling through article after article, reading about the positives that came from the weekend is just a nice feeling. And of course, all the reading happens on the lunch break… No slacking off now!

Speaking of positives, what a pleasure to hear about the re-signing of Shaun Fensom?

Touted as a future great, I’m giving him the gong already. He’s officially already great!

It’s nice to see the core playing group coming together. Gone are the storms of the past and on to sunny weather!

The players look happy and it’s great to see.

Just one last task - can Anthony Milford just renege on that Broncos contract already? What a star!

So on to this weekend. What can we look forward to?

Sunday afternoon sees the mighty Green Machine take on the party goers from up north – the Gold Coast Titans.

I’ve always enjoyed playing the Queensland teams in the middle of winter, where the score line could be anything and is usually in our favour.

The victories over our Queensland foes are great to watch and after the game, you can always give a bit of cheeky banter to a few of the opposition players in one of the fine city pubs after the match.

Although as yours truly experienced a few years ago, replace ‘pub’ with ‘club’, and ‘fine’ with ‘a long way below par’.

Yep, none of us should have been there but that’s a different story.

This year will be slightly different. The dead of winter will be replaced by a Sunday night, 26 degree special. Although a chance of showers will make things interesting.

I’m looking forward to a few things this match.

Most notably I’m looking forward to seeing Anthony Milford find himself in space for the second week in a row.

When you talk mismatch, it’s usually when a big man finds himself with ball in hand against smaller opposition.

The faster game has seen this trend reverse this year.

If Anthony Milford gets ball in hand against a tired Dave Taylor in a one on one situation, it’s curtains people.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to Jarrad Kennedy and Paul Vaughan making the most of their starting spots.

They’ve both got big futures and it’d be great to see them repay the faith shown in them by coach Ricky Stuart.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing the fine people of Canberra waltz in to GIO Stadium Canberra for the first home game of the year covered head to toe in lime green.

It’s a great feeling and unfortunately one we won’t get to experience for another couple of weeks (tough start to the draw anyone?) so I hope to see you all there.

Go Raiders!