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Ugh, I don’t know what I witnessed last weekend but it sure wasn’t the footy I’m used to from my beloved Raiders.

Whatever it was, I didn’t like it. Burn it, bury it deep and pour concrete all over it.

I’m sure none of us ever want to see it again.

A wise Twitter friend (@kharm84) told me to blame the refs and move on, so that’s what I’ll do.

Attributing false blame makes the loss that little bit easier to take.

Revenge would be nice this week but unfortunately we head into a short break.

No game this week gives us the opportunity to sit back, relax and watch a little rep footy.

The break also provides us with a chance to reflect on the season a little bit.

And while we’re reflecting, I have an apology to make. 

My predictions can be a little hit and miss but let’s just say my prediction of Peter Hiku being vulnerable while out of position in the centres, was a big swing and a miss.

I’m sorry and now let’s pretend it never happened.

Now what to do without a Raiders match for this weekend?

Well this weekend will see Australia slaughter the Kiwis, Samoa up against rivals Fiji for a spot in the Four Nations, Under 20’s State of Origin, and City v Country.

I’m genuinely looking forward to all the games and for different reasons.

Australia v New Zealand brings us one of the greatest Australian sides of all time versus a Kiwi side on the rebuild.

New Zealand selectors have made some interesting selections and it’ll be good to see how the new guys go.

Samoa v Fiji will be an absolute spectacle. Sure, it won’t have the discipline of Australia vs New Zealand, but that’s what makes it great.

Both sides absolutely love to throw the ball around so tune in if you can. It’ll be a brilliant display of raw talent.

Under 20’s State of Origin will put on its own show as well. There’s no shortage of first grade talent in the game, including our very own Anthony Milford, Luke Bateman, Brenko Lee and Patrick Mago.

Watching Milford carve up the big boys week in, week out is something special. Who knows what he’ll do against players his own age? Expect an exhibition.

And finally, Country vs City, while it has its detractors, it will still be good to watch.

Believe it or not, many future Origin stars will be on show, including Raiders players Josh McCrone, Paul Vaughan, Jack Wighton and hopefully the mighty workhorse, Shaun Fensom.

Both teams will try their guts out in a bid to impress selectors so be sure to watch our boys around.

And that’s your weekend without a Raiders match all taken care of.

Use the extra time to relax, be merry, forget all about last weekend and come back refreshed to watch the boys absolutely give it to the Warriors.

Go Raiders!