Following on from the Raiders Nines team announcement at Jerseys Megastore last weekend, three lucky attendees picked up Raiders Nines jerseys as part of the promotion.

CLICK HERE to see a photo Gallery from the event.

Steven Pullen won a Nines Jersey signed by Ken Nagas and came in this week to grab a photo in his new jersey with Kenny. Steve won his jersey for purchasing some Raiders merchandise in store last weekend.  

Katie Bogg won a Nines Jersey for purchasing a Membership at the event, while Luke Eisenhauer won a jersey by selecting his Ultimate Raiders Nine team.

Luke’s ultimate Nines Team:

1. Noa Nadruku

2. Mal Meninga

3. Ricky Stuart

4. Ken Nagas

5. Jarrod Croker

6. Jason Croker

7. Shaun Fensom

8. Brett Mullins

9. John ‘Chicka’ Ferguson