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This week's member profile is Dane Buckley, who's been a member since 1982 and has a 12 game bronze membership. 

Name:  Dane Buckley

Membership Type: 12 Game Bronze Member

Member Since: 1982

What are the best things about being a member?

Keeping updated on club news and not having to line up each week for tickets.

Why did you choose your membership package?

Because of the affordability and because a group of us sit behind the goalposts and this way we can all sit together.

Why should people who come to the game become members?

To feel part of the club and to show the NRL that rugby league doesn’t just take place in Sydney and Brisbane.

Who are your top five Raiders players of all time?

Brett Finch

Josh McCrone

Albert Fulivai

Jarrod Croker

Kenny Nagas

What are you looking forward to in 2015?  

Hopefully Semi-Final football

Which home game do you look forward to each year?

Any of the games against the big  Sydney clubs such as South Sydney or St George as there is usually a big crowd in.

Who are the three Raiders players we should watch this year and why?

Josh McCrone- Will prove his worth to the team.

Jarrod Croker- Rep football bound.

Dane Tilse- Will continue his strong finish to last season.

Tell us about your favourite home game of all time…

1989 at Seiffert Oval against the Brisbane Broncos with over 18,000 people there. It was an atmosphere unmatched. Also Ricky Stuart was called offside chasing a kick, even though he was the kicker!

What makes you a unique Raiders member?

I am the middle of 3 generations of Raiders Members. My Mother, Father and Father in law are members. My wife and brothers are members. And now my children are members.