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The Raiders underwent two days of strength and fitness testing on their return to pre-season training on Monday. 

Players who met their required times or numbers were granted additional leave, however, for the majority it's back to full training. 

Check out who topped the leaderboards in a few of the tests below. 

Top 5 Stromlo 1km time trial

1. Zac Santo
2. Jarrad Kennedy
3. Aidan Sezer
4. Blake Austin
5. Scott Sorenson

Top 5 grip strength

1. Jack Wighton
2. Makahesi Makatoa
3. Josh Papalii
4. Zac Santo
5. Dave Taylor

Top 5 single leg hop

1. Jack Wighton
2. Zac Santo
3. Jordan Turner
4. Jarrad Kennedy
5. Blake Austin

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