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The Canberra Raiders are seeking host families for junior representative players for the 2018 season.

Please see below for more information. 

Canberra Raiders Homestay/Host Family guidelines for 2017/18.

The Canberra Raiders place a lot of emphasis on developing junior talent both locally and from our wider footprint. It is often the case that relocating young athletes to Canberra is part of the process and providing a stable and supportive home for them to come to is vital to their chances of succeeding.

We are looking for families/homes that will provide the things a young man leaving home needs in order to maximise his chances in a very tough and competitive game. Things like fresh healthy meals, a room and a bed to sleep in are fundamentality important as are things like security, good routines and stability.

Finding the right environment for our players is really important to us and as a result there are numerous checks and conditions that need to be met. This is an NRL requirement and for the safety of the players and host families. 

If you would like to become a host family or require any further information please contact Dean Souter or David Thom at the Canberra Raiders.

Dean Souter

David Thom