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What do you do for work now?

I have a partnership with a few other blokes in six gyms around the Newcastle area and Melbourne. I also have a fencing business that keeps me busy.

What's your favourite memory as a Raider?

1994 Grand Final. On top of that getting picked for the Kangaroos tour and in Origin in the same year was a great experience and things in that year just went from one to another to another. It was certainly a great year for me in 1994.

What did it mean to you to wear the Raiders jersey?

Everything. It's kinda what made me who I am today in a sense. Putting on the jumper and playing with so many legends of the game around me was a time I will never forget.

Who was your favourite teammate?

Steve Walters was always one that made me laugh. He was always joyful to play with and to train with him.

What was your funniest moment as a Raider?

Can't think of anything on the spot but certainly had plenty of funny moments at the club.

Do you have any advice for younger players?

Just get out there and give it your all. Have pride in the jumper you wear and as long as you give it your best, that's all you can ask. Get out there and enjoy yourself.