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12 Canberra Raiders players are participating in a brand new course, as they look to gain qualifications in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management.

The Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Program (the Program) is Australia’s first nationally recognised training course developed for professionals working with elite/professional athletes to enhance their holistic wellbeing.

The program is drawn from a range of disciplines including Health Sciences, Positive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Leadership, Career Development and Personal Coaching.

Participants will learn strategies, processes and skills that enable them to support elite athletes toward fulfilling their ‘whole person’ potential.

A key part of the program is training in the use of the unique tools and processes developed specifically to assess, develop and monitor elite athlete wellbeing.

During the Program there is a strong emphasis on participants’ personal development and wellbeing to enable them to role model the very practices and behaviours that would lead to positive elite athlete wellbeing outcomes.