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Monaro Johns and Daley Cup Round Five Teams

The Monaro Colts team lists for round five have been announced, with two exciting matches to wrap up the final round before finals.

The Johns Cup side will be looking to back up last week’s performance when they take on the Macarthur Wests Tigers this weekend. The Colts currently sit in third place, with three other teams on the same number of points. Monaro need to defeat the Tigers to ensure a place in the finals.

The Daley Cup side still remain undefeated, pulling off an exciting draw last weekend. The Under 18s side sit in third place, just behind the Western Rams on for-and-against.  The Colts have secured a spot in the finals but will be keen to keep their momentum going.

The two matches kick off on Sunday 7th March at Kirkham Oval, Camden. The Johns Cup game starts at 10am, with the Daley Cup match following at 11:20am.

Both matches will be live-streamed via NSWRLTV, available on the NSWRL Facebook page.

Andrew Johns Cup Under 16s

Sean Ward
William Johnston
Rhys Djerke
Jayden Wolfe
Israel Taiatini
Blake Hovi
Mark Connors
Lane Davis
Xavier Cacciotti
Peter Milin
Max Mercer
Jayden Svager
Ethan Alaia
Jordan Williams
Gus Young
Peter Soward
Thomas Penfold
Michael Theodoridis

Laurie Daley Cup Under 18s

Ty Dowdle
Tyrel Kimori-Edmond
Matthew Wheatley
Kane Rushton
Riley Shaw
Joshua Latham
Mitchell Evans
James Dyball
Jack Anderson
Ryan Castle
Keegan Kenny
Thomas Carey
Jacob Piper
Jayde Howard
Samuel Cooper
Noah Mills
Cole Taylor
Joshua Weir