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Appearances and Donations

The Canberra Raiders share a special bond with the greater Canberra region and take pride in being able to support the community by volunteering their time and resources to schools, hospitals, charities and other community events throughout the season.

The Raiders were able to conduct over 402 requested appearances equating to nearly 711 hours of community appearances in 2019.

The Club receives many requests from individuals and organisations who have either fallen on hard times or have family, friends or associates who have been involved in medical or life tragedies.

Whilst the Raiders endeavour to support a wide variety of charity efforts, the individual’s relationship with the game and the Club will be a factor in determining the success or otherwise of any request.

Preference will be given to the following causes:

  • Canberra Raiders Club Members
  • Direct sponsors of the Club
  • Canberra Region Rugby League Clubs
  • Schools that are involved with Rugby League
  • Community groups and/or charity organisations related to our community focus areas

Online Application Form

All community donation and appearance requests must be made through the online portal and must meet the above criteria.

CLICK HERE to submit a community request

All applicants need to be conscious that the Canberra Raiders receive a large number of requests (and obligatory requests) from the local Government, the NRL, corporate partners, Club members and Canberra Regional Rugby League (CRRL).

Successful applications will be notified by email.

The final decision on community requests is at the discretion of the Canberra Raiders and all decisions are final.

The Club supports a large variety of causes and while we may not be able to contribute to your cause directly, a declined request by the Raiders does not imply the Club does not support your initiative.


Repeated requests or those received from a charitable cause already supported by the Club are unlikely to be successful. As much as the Club would like to support all requests, unfortunately this is not feasible on every occasion.

Requests for donations must be made four (4) weeks prior to the event or fundraising activity.


Due to the COVID-19 restrictions placed on NRL Clubs, unfortunately the Club cannot facilitate opportunities for player appearances at this time.

If eligible for player appearances, the Canberra Raiders will do their best to accommodate your request - subject to availability. Appearances must not clash with player training schedules or mandatory leave periods. The Raiders will make the final decision on which player/s attend and the time spent at the event.

The Raiders require a minimum four (4) weeks’ notice before the event for appearance requests to be considered.

Autographs Policy

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions placed on NRL Clubs, unfortunately the Club cannot facilitate opportunities to have autographs signed by players at this time.

Items sent to Huawei Raiders Centre for autographs will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender unsigned, regardless of your relationship with the Club. The Club will not be liable for the loss of any item sent to our office.