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FAQ page

How/where to Register?

Visit and search for a Club.  All Club contact details are available on the site. If you need to ask questions before registering, contact the Club directly.

How much is registration?

Registration costs vary depending on what each Club offers as part of their registration package.

Is insurance included in registration?

Limited insurance cover is provided as part of your registration.  Only non-Medicare items can be claimed up to a total of $5,000.  Ambulance fees are covered in insurance. It is advisable to take out personal health insurance to be fully covered.  For more details visit:



Canberra Raiders Cup competition is an 18-week competition and commences early April with a three-week final series at the end of the 18 rounds. This competition comprises of First Grade, Reserve Grade, Ladies League Tag and Under 19s.

George Tooke Shield competition is approximately 14-15 rounds and commences in early May with a four-week finals series at the end of the 14-15 rounds. This competition comprises of Men’s Open and Ladies League Tag.

Katrina Fanning Shield (KFS) competition is a senior, open age women’s tackle competition that runs concurrently with the Canberra Raiders Cup and George Tooke Shield. If you have turned 17 years of age or older you can play in this competition.


Junior competition is a 14-week competition and commences first weekend of May with a three-week final series at the end of the 14 rounds for ages 10-17 years.  Competition takes a break for the June long weekend and the second and last weekend of the July school holidays.

When are games played?

Senior competitions are generally played on Saturdays.

Please refer to the Fixtures page (on the CRRL website home page) for game-times and details.

Junior competitions for U16, U17 and U17 girls are played on Friday nights, normally first games commence from 6pm.

All other ages i.e. U6-U15s are played on Sundays commencing from 9am and concluding by approximately 1pm.



When are the draws for each season released?


In general, the Canberra Raiders Cup draws are released as soon as possible after December 15 but are subject to change.

George Tooke Shield and the Katrina Fanning Shield draws are not released until early February as all competing teams have to be confirmed.


Junior draws will be made available as they are completed.  Due to the ever-changing nature of teams being added in or omitted days out from competition commencement, it holds up the process for completion of the full season of draws.  Every endeavor is made to complete them as early as possible.

Where are the draws located?

The draws for all the CRRL competitions can be found on the CRRL website, in the Fixtures tab on the side menu or Home Page. Draws can also be found here.

Why are there changes to games?

Changes can occur to draws for many reasons, including referee, coaches and ground availability.  These are normally unknown factors when the draw is prepared so will be amended as advised accordingly.   No competitive age group can commence without an accredited referee.  Due to a shortage of referees at times we must reshuffle games to meet compliance.

What happens when a game is washed out?

Wash out rounds are declared as washed out and will not be replayed unless time permits within the season. 

MySideline Admin

MySideline Admin is the competition management and administration system and only accredited club officials will have access to MySideline Admin.

MySideline Manager Web App

All Managers and Coaches if required will be given access to MySideline Manager through their Club.  This system is used to load teams, score and submit stats.  Managers should complete the online course to enable them to complete this role:

Do we have a female competition?

Yes we do!

·       Katrina Fanning Shield (KFS), open women tackle 17+ years

·       U6, U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17 Girls tackle competitions

·      Open Women's Ladies League Tag, part of Canberra Raiders Cup and George Tooke Shield

·       U12, U14 and U16 Girls League Tag


What are the roles of trainers and league safers?

Trainers provide immediate first aid to players; they must be accredited to fulfill this role.  League Safe personnel are the water runners and also deliver messages and assist with interchange, they are also required to be accredited.

What are the ground managers responsibilities?

·       Responsible for field checks at beginning of day

·       Ensure all teams have a Coach & trainer assigned for their game before commencement

·       Monitor unruly behavior of spectators & player benches

·       Handle any complaints at the field they are ground managing

How do the referees prepare for matches?

The Canberra District Rugby League Referees Association (CDRLRA) manages all the referees in the CRRL competitions. The referees have pre-season training, and train once a week during the season.

You can become a Referee from 13 years of age, click here to visit their website

The CDRLRA appoint all referees to games.

Who decides the game times? Why are some different to others?

Game times differ depending on age groups and the number of games at fields within the different competitions.  Game times are appointed by the Competition Administrators.

This year, game times changed due to COVID-19 protocols. In senior competitions, quarter breaks were required so players could have drink breaks.


Why is there information coming from NSWRL instead of CRRL?

NSWRL are the governing body of the competition, and the CRRL is run by their guidelines and policies. Therefore, when it comes to major decisions, we must follow all NSWRL rules and policies.

As information comes through NSWRL, CRRL inform participants and stakeholders of this information. We try and do this in a timely manner.

When are the team lists and scores published?

Senior team lists are published at 3pm on Fridays, on the CRRL website and social media channels.

Senior scores are published in an Around the Ground post at the end of each day’s play. Clubs are reminded to put their scores in the MySideline Manager web app to ensure the correct scores are reported.

When information is sent to a club, who receives it?

When information is sent directly to clubs, the emails go to the Club Secretary or nominated club person.  It is then the responsibility of this person to pass the information on to all club members (as appropriate).


Are you looking to volunteer?

Volunteers are a very integral part of our sport; without volunteers’ teams could not operate.  If you are looking to become a Coach, Trainer, League Safe or Team Manager please contact your Club and let them know you wish to volunteer.  Please note if you are wishing to become a Coach or Trainer there are face to face accredited courses you will need to undertake to fulfill the roles.  League Safe personnel can complete an online course.

Speak with your club also for roles that may be available.

Where do I go if I’m not sure of the rules?

The CRRL website has the rules for all competitions. They can be found here


Bad behavior will not be tolerated and penalties will be given accordingly.  All people must abide by the Code of Conduct, not just players.  You can find the Code of Conduct here. NSWRL have also introduced a Tough Love in League policy, which outlines penalties for offences committed by Players, teams, team officials. The policy can be found here. 


What are some of the key changes in the COVID-19 sporting landscape?

·       Judiciary via Zoom

·       First aid/trainers must not carry water bottles (drink breaks scheduled)

·       Match day operations

·       Game time changes to allow for drink breaks due to no water on field

·       Limited use of change rooms

·       Restricted number of spectators

*Subject to change as conditions improve or deteriorate.

Does CRRL follow ACT or NSW guidelines?

CRRL has Clubs in both the ACT and NSW jurisdictions, so we follow both sets of government rules and policies. As we saw during COVID-19, this was difficult as it meant there were many cross-border issues. ACT teams and NSW teams had different rules around training, etc. CRRL do their best in insuring that teams in each area know what they must follow.

Do the licensed clubs sponsor the local clubs?

Yes, all the Raiders Group licensed clubs provide sponsorship to the local clubs.

·       Queanbeyan Leagues Club - Queanbeyan Blues Seniors and Juniors

·       The Mawson Club - Woden Valley Rams Seniors and Juniors

·       Raiders Belconnen - West Belconnen Warriors Seniors and Juniors

·       Raiders Weston - Tuggeranong Buffaloes Seniors and Juniors

·       Raiders Gungahlin - Gungahlin Bulls Seniors and Juniors, Belconnen United Sharks Seniors

Why aren’t Grand Finals played at GIO Stadium?

We play the Grand Finals at Seiffert Oval as it is the spiritual home of the Raiders and they came from junior league.  Also, the League has better control of the facilities and it provides a better financial return for the clubs and the League as they control the entry fees and the food and beverage which they cannot do at GIO Stadium. Seiffert Oval is also more cost effective to hire.