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It has a familiar ring to it doesn’t it? Another week, another loss.

Frustrating would be putting it kindly. What we witnessed Monday night wasn’t the club I know and love. It was diabolical.

Dropped balls, missed tackles, attack that lacked spark until the dying minutes. You and I know it wasn’t good enough.

But we’re not the only ones that know it. The coaches know it, the administration knows it, and most of all, the players know it.

By letting out our frustrations and bagging the boys, we’re not telling them anything they don’t know.

It might feel good, but it’s not a problem solver.

We all take issue with the on field results and the frustration can spill out in different ways.

Some blame the players, others blame coaching staff, while some blame the administration. Some outright blame everything, top to bottom.

The truth is, we can place the blame where ever we like, but there’s some cold, hard facts we need to face as fans.

Yes we’re in a diabolical situation, but we still have 17 players going out there week in, week out wearing that famous lime green jersey and representing our proud club.

The results might not be there but they are putting in, despite the at times, valid criticism.

It can’t be easy to run out there, knowing that so many people, including your own supporters, have thrown in the towel.

So while there is still a minute to be played this season, I’ll be out there supporting the boys, hoping for a turn around.

It’s not easy, but I ask others to do the same. It’s high time we all stick together and see the year out.

This season is a definite low as fans, but when the final whistle blows in round 26, the club doesn’t cease to exist.

There’s still next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

And personally, I’d like to see some momentum at the end of this season, to give us all hope next year.

There’s one way to help out in starting that momentum. Get behind the boys and see the season out.

It’s easy to back a winner. Everyone loves one.

But backing your team when all seems lost? Now that shows character.

I hope to see you all there on Sunday. It’s time to bring out our inner Hulk!