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Name: Rob Tunningley

Membership Type: Silver Inner Bowl

Member Since: 2006

What are the best things about being a Member? Going to all of the games, supporting the club, contact with the players and feeling like a part of the Raiders Family.

Why did you choose your Membership package? It was affordable and gets me and my family to all of the games this year. We have sat in the same seats for a number of years now and we love our view of the game and the other members around us.

Why should people who come to the game become Members? For us Membership is not only about getting to the games, it is more about supporting our team financially and being a ‘bum on a seat’.  True fans become Members and it is great to see the range of Memberships available. We bought our parents the 6 game Membership this year for Christmas because they love coming to games but often can’t make it to all of them. They can pick and choose if they come to afternoon or night games and can still support the Raiders and get their Membership gear.

Who are your top five Raiders players of all time? Mal Meninga, Jason Croker, Brad Clyde, Ken Nagas and Ricky Stuart.

What are you looking forward to in 2015? How the team culture and attitude changes with Jarrod Croker as captain and what halves combination works.

Which home game do you look forward to each year? St George. We’ve had a good rivalry over the last few years with lots of our ex players going there and we seem to play at a higher level against them, even through their successful seasons.

Who are the three Raiders players we should watch this year and why?

Josh Papali – still has explosive capabilities and matures each year. Look forward to him leading from the front and using his rep experience to guide the team through tough patches to win those 50/50 games.

Edrick Lee – exciting to watch, backing Edrick to make some great plays this year.

Jarrod Croker – top season last year, if he continues to improve his defence he could be up for rep duties this year after posting so many points last year.

Tell us about your favourite home game of all time… The come back win against St George in 2011. Down by one at the siren, pass goes back to Williams for a tying field goal only to have the defence in his face. H then decides to pass to McCrone who grubbers and Dugan scores a try to win it and continue the hoodoo. The emotion of going from losing the game, possibly tying it, then winning in the matter of 5 seconds was one of the most exiting finishes to a live sporting even I’ve been at.

What makes you a unique Raiders Member? I love sharing our love of the Raiders with my wife and kids. My little man (now 4) and little girl (2) both knew the song by the time they were 2 and absolutely love the players, especially Jarrod Croker and ‘Joshy’ Papali in particular. My little man only calls the colour green ‘Raiders green’ and loves to sleep in a pair of shorts that Jarrod Croker gave him at the final home game last year.  They love meeting them at club events. My wife was the original Raiders obsessed fan and I have to say our obsession grows more and more each year!