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What an odd but exciting win that was against the Bulldogs last week?

For the entire first half, it just looked like another one of ‘those games’.

Sports journalists would’ve had their criticisms of the Raiders lined up and fans ready to vent a little frustration.

Then within a period of about ten minutes, the Bulldogs were absolutely blown off the park.

It was an incredible turnaround and highlighted just how well we can play when it all comes together.

While it would’ve been nice to see that quality of play from the men in green throughout the game, it was still great to see the potential of this Raiders side.

Raiders fans should be licking their lips at the thought of what’s possible from these boys.

And with an already strong line up, we’ve been strengthened further by the arrival of Parramatta big man, Junior Paulo. Things just keep looking up.

This Raiders side can’t help but draw comparisons to that of the Cowboys a few years ago.

Most people knew the potential that was there, it was just a matter of time until they went all the way.

All it took was a bit of luck with injuries, and time to build consistency. I have no doubt the Raiders are looking at something very similar.

This side has potential in spades and easily have another few gears in them. It’ll be a scary day for other NRL sides when the Raiders find those gears, and find them on a regular basis.

But one step at a time. Two wins on the trot is a great result and no doubt the boys will be backing themselves for a third against Manly tonight.

On paper, the Raiders are a better side no doubt. But Manly have that niggling ability to be in games they shouldn’t, and win games they shouldn’t.

They’ll be looking to grind the Raiders out of this one and win in a battle of attrition.

Manly will want to frustrate the Raiders and force our boys into some silly errors.

So patience is undoubtedly the key here. Smart footy, and not forcing our hand will deliver the green machine win.

The minute we panic and push passes, will be the minute we play into Manly’s hands. We can’t afford that tonight.

The Raiders have got the ability to roll Manly in the forwards. We’ve got the skill level to leave Manly backs in their wake.

It’s just a matter of working smart for our opportunities and earning the right to attack Manly.

If we do that, the Raiders should come out with the win here. Let’s just hope the rain holds off and fans get down to GIO Stadium to cheer the boys home.

Go Raiders!