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The field was dark and the result even darker!

I’ve known some frustrating losses in my time but that loss to the Dragons has to take the cake.

’50-50’s’ against us, check. Not executing in attack, check. Completion rates low, check.

While the officiating was… interesting, the boys had every opportunity to win that one.

The Dragons attack is shocking and their defence wasn’t much better.

Unfortunately, our boys just appeared a little too keen to score on every play.

There’s not a whole lot of doubt as to where it all went so wrong. Completions and execution.

Had we been smarter with the ball and a little more careful with the ball, we win that game by at least 20 points.

And yes, had there been a little more composure, we most definitely win that game.

Hopefully at some point, these close game losses start to deliver some lessons.

Not the least of which should be to practice those field goals. Practice, practice, practice!!!

Because the heartbreak for Raiders fans… It hurts. It hurts bad. We were bigger, we were stronger, and we’re definitely better than that.

I think that one’s going to sit with us for a while.

Fortunately, there is always next week. Another opportunity to turn things around.

And we’ll need to. You can see all the individual elements are there.

We’ve got a massive pack that should be able to match it with any pack in the comp.

We’ve got an incredible backline. There’s been much said about the Leilua and Rapana combination, and the Croker/Lee combination has just as much potential.

We’ve got exciting halves who have the potential to control the game like no other in the comp.

It just needs to start coming together. All at once. Great individual performances need to become great team performances, and they need to happen on a consistent basis. It will come together.

When it does happen, it’ll be a thing of absolute beauty and days like this will be a thing of the past.

I’m not sure we’ll look back and laugh, but we’ll definitely remember times like this and appreciate the good times when they come.

Unfortunately, our patience may just be tested here and there in the meantime.

Glory days will be here soon enough Raiders fans, just keep that faith. As frustrating as it can be, just keep that faith!