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The Canberra Region Rugby League (CRRL) has been reviewing the reactions of people on Facebook to a recent decision by the Disciplinary Review Committee in relation to an allegation of racial vilification in an Under 11 match.

The CRRL wishes to reinforce its opposition to racial vilification of any kind and matters brought to the league will be investigated under its current processes.

The CRRL asks all people to remember that we are dealing with children of all ages who are playing the game they enjoy and that matches at the grounds, run by volunteers, should be free from any external disturbances.

The League has committed to working with the Human Rights Commission to review its processes for allegations of racial vilification (including the current allegation) for all ages and to develop a mediation and education framework to ensure the rights of the individual are heard and to ensure that there are positive outcomes for all concerned. Canberra Raiders Board Member and Chair of the NRL Indigenous Council, Katrina Fanning, has also committed to working with the CRRL in developing its framework protocols.

The CRRL also commits to consulting with our stakeholders in the development of this framework in conjunction with the Human Rights Commission.

Gary Green


Canberra Region Rugby League