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It’s hard to know how to feel after a loss like that. Sure, the Raiders weren’t odds on favourites but since when has that stopped us?

The amount of times over the years, the boys have fought against the odds to shock title contenders, is nothing short of outstanding.

Ten minutes in, it might have been the ‘lemonade’ talking, but I thought we were a genuine shot.

Line speed, tick. Reasonable defence, tick. Showing raw enthusiasm, tick.

When Croker burst through the line with Reece Robinson on the inside, I thought things were looking good.

But whether it’s the curse of 2014 (that’s right, I’m calling it a curse. It helps me sleep better at night), some bad play, some bad luck, or a combination of it all, it just wasn’t to be.

I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated, we’re all frustrated, but as tried and true fans, we continue on.

Every loss brings us closer to a win as they say. And I really hope they are right!

Projecting forward to Saturday, the mighty Raiders take on the Tigers in Campbelltown.

A winnable game in a winnable stadium. For away fans, it’s a special. Quick trip up the road and you’re there.

As a side note, tickets are only $15 as well. Bargain!

I say winnable, even though the bookies seem to think it’s a long shot. Honestly, I don’t care what they think.

I’m at the point where I just want to see the boys rip in like it’s their last game of footy.

We’ve all heard a lot about effort and I’ll agree that there was a lot of effort last Friday.

But there’s a difference between effort and heart.

Effort says you gave it all your gas tank has to offer, but heart lets you run on fumes.

Heart is putting everything you’ve got and more, on the line.

Heart is showing that you’re not just putting in to impress your teammates, but putting in for the jersey, for the city and for the fans who are still here week after week, regardless of the results.

And that’s what’s needed now. I think a lot of fans have had their loyalty and their faith tested this year, and are honest about what they want.

Heartfelt, fight to the end performances are what’s wanted, no matter what.

It’s easy to do when you’re on top of the ladder but that heart is definitely tested when you’re looking at the other end.

It’ll be a huge test of the boys character this weekend and I really hope it’s one they pass.

Please, please, please let this be the weekend it all turns around. Come on Raiders!!!!