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Another day, another loss to the Warriors. One day we'll get 'em.

Let's hope it's but a small blip on the road to finals time!

In reality, it was always going to be a difficult road trip.

Of course it doesn't mean the result wasn't disappointing, but it's certainly understandable.

The boys tried hard and never gave up. That's something at least.

Anyway it's onwards and upwards to the bye.

The bye is a bitter sweet proposition:

On one hand, it gives the boys a chance to rest and recuperate at what is an important part of the season.

On the other, the Raiders would not have been happy with how they played last week and would have been motivated to bounce back immediately.

It would have been nice to watch the boys use the loss as motivation to absolutely destroy an opponent this week but we'll just have to hope option 1 does us a favour.

It's been well publicised that the Raiders are facing a favourable draw for the remainder of the season but as we all know there are no easy games in the NRL.

The Raiders will need to be switched on and full of energy for the remainder of the season to make it to the finals.

There is absolutely no reason why they can't do it.

So rest up boys and be prepared for a huge run home.

l, like many other Raiders fans have every intention of watching our guys run out come finals time.

Let's call the Warriors a false start and may it all begin against the Knights at GIO Stadium next Friday!

Oh yeah, and in the meantime, go New South Wales!